This is How to Eat, a blog dedicated to making the science of nutrition accessible to people in their every day lives.  My name is Lauren Ross, I’m a Registered Dietitian working in a patient centered medical home and I’ll be reading the studies and doing the translating for you so that you can make informed decisions about your nutrition.


If you chose D, you chose correct!

I recently posted this image on my Instagram account (@how_to_eat_rd) because it’s a question that I’m asked daily:  what is the best way to eat?  Truth be told, I need more information than that!  In fact, I probably can’t say exactly what is the best for you – that perfect balance will take a process of trial and error based on informed choices.  I can help you to make those informed choices, but every person is different.  We have different bodies, different exercise habits, different cultural traditions, different cooking abilities, different access to food, and different taste buds.  Try telling a diabetic New Orlenian to avoid king cake during Mardi Gras and you’ll fail almost every time (trust me, I’ve been there).  But discussing the principles that lead to a healthy lifestyle actually gets me somewhere with my patients.

So if you’re looking for a weekly meal plan, this isn’t the site for you.  But if you want to learn something about current trends in nutrition, get suggestions to help stick to your goals, learn about great food products, or hear me answer some FAQs from nutrition counseling sessions with my clients, then please stick around!


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