How much can I eat after running a marathon? NYC EDITION!

Last year, I wrote about what the energy expenditure from running a marathon equates to in Chicago food. This year, we’re looking at New York City! Fun fact: I was born on the day of the NYC marathon, and it falls on my birthday in 2018. Who’s coming with me to run?? You’ve got a bit of time to nab that automatic qualifier, meet me at Memorial Park at 5AM to train 😉

To revisit, let’s start with:

How many calories does running a marathon burn anyway?

As I discussed last year, a good rule of thumb is ~100 calories per mile. This is an estimate, and will change based on several factors including how much you weigh, fat mass vs lean mass, whether you were running that mile uphill, whether you were fighting a headwind the whole time, whether it was sweltering hot and your body spent a good amount of energy that mile trying to cool itself down. But for the most part, 100 calories is a good estimate. So lets see how we can spend that 2620 calories, shall we?


Katz Delicatessen Hot Pastrami on Rye with Swiss – New York Size

I should clarify, this is a serious lunker of a sandwich, and you can get it in smaller sizes. My calorie count is an estimate based on breaking it down to its individual parts (10oz of pastrami, kraut, swiss, thousand island, rye), and one other estimate I found online was 800 on the dot, so I’d say it’s a good ballpark.

One sandwich = 800 calories

2620/800 = 3.275 sandwiches



Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake

Ok, so I realize no self-respecting New Yorker is getting a slice of Cheesecake Factory Original, but Junior’s doesn’t publish nutrition data and I feel like most people have seen a cheesecake factory slice before.

One slice = 710 calories

2620/710 = 3.69 slices



Shake Shack

One single shackburger = 550 calories

2620/550 = 4.76 single shackburgers


Ok let’s be real, nobody JUST gets a burger. Have you seen their shake menu?? They have salted caramel. And peanut butter. And what’s a burger without french fries?! Let’s make it a meal…

Regular fry = 420 calories

Chocolate shake = 740 calories

2.65 single shackburgers with 1 regular fry and 1 chocolate shake


Bagel & Lox

Mid-range of various estimates for a bagel and lox (will vary on the fluffiness of your bagel, the quantity of lox and cream cheese, whether you went lowfat for the cream cheese, etc.) = 540 calories

2620/540 = 4.85 bagel & lox sandwiches

Bagels and lox.png

Black and White Cookie

1 cookie = 327 calories

2620/327 = 8 black and white cookies


Hotdog with mustard and kraut

What could be more quintessentially New York than getting your lunch from a hot dog cart? BONUS – if you refuel with one of these you’ll go a long way to replenishing lost sodium!

1 all beef natural casing hotdog in a bun with mustard and kraut = 295 calories

2620/295 = 8.9 street dogs


Empire Apples

Apples to refuel from a race in the Big Apple? Sure, why not?!

1 medium apple, raw, with skin = 90 calories

2620/90 = 29.11 apples



However you choose to refuel, CONGRATS to everyone who raced this past weekend!


Big shoutout to some amazing running friends in my life, Dan who went under 3 hours running in Luna Sandals, Christy who crushed her 6 months post-baby marathon, and Kat who ran her first ever in under 3 hours. Man, my friends are amazing!



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