20 MORE ways to get more protein at breakfast

I recently posted this article to facebook, and more people were interested than I thought would be. Since a huge chunk of the ideas presented were basically just different ways to eat eggs, I thought I’d provide some extra thoughts that go beyond just eggs. While there are some in here, I’ve chosen each idea specifically because it is either super fast or can be made ahead of time because let’s be real: nobody here is regularly taking more than 15 minutes to cook and eat breakfast before running out the door to work or school or whatever it is that you may be doing.

  1. Powdered peanut butter in your oats: PB2 or other defatted peanut flours aka powdered peanut butter are definitely not adequate subs for the real deal in a sandwich but they are darn tasty mixed into oats or smoothies (not that I’m a smoothie person, but I digress). With 45 calories and 5g of protein, you can easily add 10g of protein to your oats (which have 7g/serving) without adding a ridiculous amount of calories.
  2. Egg white in your oats: It’s really not gross. You don’t notice the texture change AT ALL and it doesn’t taste like anything BUT you get a much longer-lasting energy and your muscles will thank you. Check it out.
  3. Make a Greek Yogurt parfait with your oats: Such a gimme, and yet so few do it. I often find people go for either oats or yogurt. Why not combine? Some whole grain goodness from the oats with long-lasting protein power of a plain Greek yogurt plus fruit is awesome.
  4. Leftover beans: (or just cook a batch) with or without an egg on it. Beans are both high-fiber and high-protein, and here in Texas a spicy batch of pinto or black beans is never far from reach. You can heat in the microwave and eat it that way, or roll up in a tortilla.
  5. Toast with cheese and deli meat: think of it as an open-faced sandwich. If you want to do it right, toast the bread in a skillet and lay the cheese and meat on top, covering with a lid to trap in heat so the cheese melts while the bread toasts. If you want to be super lazy you can put the bread in the toaster then microwave the rest (but that’s kind of lame guys…)
  6. French toast: Actually though – an egg scrambled with a splash of Fairlife, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla soaked into whole grain bread and cooked up in a pan seems luxurious but can take a grand total of 10 minutes. Full cream and tons of sugar are not every day additions, but it still tastes awesome. Instead, go for a stuffed version with plain Greek in the middle and microwave some sliced apples with cinnamon if you’re feeling super fancy.
  7. Leftovers hash: Take whatever veggies and whatever protein you have in your refrigerator, chop it up, and toss it in a pan. You want to let things caramelize and get nice and tasty crispy, but other than that you really don’t have to do much! Maybe add a shake of smoked paprika or hot sauce over everything to tie the flavors together but that’s it. BONUS: the combinations are endless and will change constantly based on your dinners! Chicken, kale, and sweet potato hash? Sure! Meatball, cauliflower, and collard greens hash? Sounds great. Tofu, chickpea, and broccoli? Why not!
  8. High-protein cereals: Check out what Molly Kimball has to say about this. I’m not a cereal connoisseur, as I pretty much stick with cheerios and don’t eat cereal for breakfast, but she has some favorites in the high protein category. Watch out for high sugar content!
  9. Bagel and Lox: Lox = fish = protein = delicious. You can also put your lox on a piece of toast with a bit of cream cheese, mashed avocado, or plain Greek yogurt to cut down on the carb bomb that is a regular bagel.
  10. Protein in your coffee: This is a real thing. Collagen protein dissolves in liquids colorless and flavorless, and adds highly bioavailable protein to your food. In fact, Vital Proteins sells little packets of it (kind of like a sugar packet) that you can keep with you wherever you are to boost protein in foods. Unlike a lot of protein powders, it’s a whole foods-based protein without added flavors and weird stuff like that.
  11. Upgrade to ultra filtered milk: Fairlife is milk that has been filtered specifically to concentrate protein, and remove some carbohydrate and fat. Many grocery chains have their own generic version – CarbMaster at Kroger, Mootopia at HEB. While a cup of regular milk has 8g of protein, these milks have 12g. The higher protein content also gives them a creamier mouthfeel, so 0% fat doesn’t taste like milky water! BONUS: there is NO LACTOSE in these milks, making it acceptable for a lot of the people out there who don’t do well with most dairy.
  12. SUPER avocado toast: We all love avocado toast, and we all add red pepper flake (if you don’t, get with the program!). The spicy cuts the rich fattiness of the avocado, and it’s a beautiful harmony that just can’t be beat. What if we got this spiciness from something with protein? Taco meat, pulled chicken, grilled shrimp, or even tempeh taco filling can be sprinkled on top of your avocado toast for flavor and protein!
  13. Make frittatas ahead of time: I realize this is an egg dish, but you can make one giant frittata and cut it into wedges, then freeze the wedges OR pour into muffin tins in order to make little mini ones. Warning: one muffin isn’t enough, make sure to grab two.
  14. Or purchase frozen at the store: Several brands have hopped on the mini frittata/egg muffin/breakfast sandwich train. Try Sweet Earth (especially you vegetarians out there), Evol, Amy’s makes some vegan options, and Special K has a crustless quiche with 11g of protein.
  15. Red Lentil Porridge: Oatmeal isn’t the only thing you can make a porridge out of! This recipe adds red lentils, which are small, cook relatively quickly, and get that same porridge-y consistency while boosting fiber and protein in your breakfast.
  16. Soup for Breakfast: Soups are magical because they are even better the next day, or if you freeze in individual containers, the next month. High-protein, high-fiber soups like lentil or split pea (basically the bean based ones) can be heated up and sipped on during the drive in to work. In addition to leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, you’ll be full for a long time afterward.
  17. Bone broth: If you don’t want to go for full on soup, a bone broth cooked for a super long time will have a lot of nutrients and protein in it. If you don’t want to cook your own, Epic sells a packaged bone broth with 10g protein/cup. This option may be especially good for those of you with finicky morning stomachs.
  18. Chocolate Tofu Pudding: Yeah, you heard me right. Basically, use silken tofu, banana, cocoa powder, and whiz it all in a blender. You can start with this recipe and decrease sugar to where you feel it’s still delicious enough for you. BONUS: it’s vegan
  19. Chickpea Pancake: Socca or Farinata (depending on where you eat it) is basically a giant savory pancake made out of chickpea flour. Legumes versus grains mean more fiber and more protein. Try this recipe or thin the batter out a bit and make a true crepe. Also vegan!
  20.  Bars: If you’re reeeallly in a pinch, some packaged bars are pretty good on protein, but I urge you to truly keep these as a last resort. Eating whole foods that you’ve cooked yourself is a much better option. RX Bars are one that I like for simplicity of ingredients.


What are your favorite high protein breakfasts?

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