About the Blog

Nutrition philosophy

Food is fuel.  Food is also an opportunity to connect with the world around you.  This site will approach nutrition while considering these two truths:

  1. Food should be used as fuel for a physically active lifestyle.  You should eat enough to move your body in ways that make you happy.  You should not eat so much that you hinder these activities.
  2. Food is meant to be shared with others.  Eat things that have meaning in the context of your relationships, your family, and your culture.  DO feed the people you love.  DO bake your mom a birthday cake.  DON’T feel guilty about engaging in these activities – they’re a huge part of living fully!

Exercise philosophy

To go along with #1 above, I believe that we should all take the time to appreciate what our bodies can do.  Find the activities that you love and do them a lot.  Try new things, be adventurous and experiment, but never force yourself to slog through the same old workout you hate. There is something for everyone out there, folks! If yo don’t believe me, just keep looking.

What to expect
On this site, I’ll do several things: I’ll share nutritious finds.  I’ll help you separate fact from fiction in a world where everybody seems to have an opinion on nutrition.  Most importantly, I’ll do it all with one eye on the science and the other on what actually works in real life.  Because let’s be serious, even if canned whole sardines are a good source of calcium, I’m not about to ask all my lactose-intolerant clients to start muchin’ on fish bones (unless they’re into that)!  Don’t worry, I’m human too, and we’re in this together.

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